Michael Eckard – CEO CSPS

Michael “Mike” Eckard attended the Special Forces Qualifications Course as a Special Forces Communications Specialist. His cross-training was in the areas of Special Forces Medical Assist and Assistant Light Weapons Specialist. Once he completed the SFQC, Mike was assigned to a Special Forces Operational Detachment. He was subsequently sent to Vietnam where he served on a Special Forces Operational Detachment “A” in the II Corp area of Operations in South Vietnam.

Mike was re-assigned to “SOG,” AKA, Studies and Observation Group, operating in Loas and Cambodia. When SOG’s mission ended, Mike was assigned to train and lead Cambodian FANK Teams in weapons and tactics. His duties included leading the teams on combat operations in Vietnam and Cambodia. Following his active-duty, Mike exited the active US Army and entered the 12th Special Forces Group, Airborne, US Army Reserve.

Mike began his career in Executive Protection in Vietnam, and has since had extensive experience in the industry both in the U.S. and abroad. Mike has worked on and led Security details for celebrities, executives, and dignitaries.

Mike has been contracted numerous times to train such personnel as the General Staff of the Special Forces Command, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He has trained US Army Reserve Military Police at the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Los Alamitos, California, and many 19th and 20th Special Forces Group across the US, prior to their deployment into combat areas.


Domnic McGee – President CSPS

Domnic “Dom” McGee has had a rich and diverse career in the security industry, specializing in Executive Protection both in Europe and the United States. His clientele has included dignitaries, celebrities, and business executives, highlighting his ability to navigate high-stakes environments with professionalism and expertise. Dom’s experience encompasses a significant involvement in workplace violence termination cases and estate assignments, underscoring his strategic approach in safeguarding clients’ interests.

Following his enlistment in the US military in 2009, Dom completed One Station Unit Training (OSUT) at Fort Benning, Georgia, before being assigned to D Company 1/160th Infantry Regiment (ARNG) and subsequently serving in the 314th Military Police Company (US Army Reserves).

Dom has almost 40 years of experience in martial arts and combatives training and has gained black belts in three martial arts in the process. Dom has used his expertise to co-develop and instruct, along with Mike Eckard, combatives courses for Navy and Army personnel as part of their pre-deployment training, showcasing his dedication to enhancing operational capabilities and readiness within the armed forces.


Mark Driscoll – Investigator CSPS

Mark Driscoll is a seasoned professional with 39 years of extensive experience in the security and investigative field. With a focus on executive protection, Mark has operated protection details in the U.S. and internationally, including assignments in Europe, Asia, and Mexico. His diverse experience includes leading security details for dignitaries, corporate CEOs, witnesses under protection, celebrities, and religious leaders. Additionally, he has been involved in numerous hostile workplace violence termination cases and estate assignments.

In the realm of investigations, Mark brings over 27 years of experience as a licensed private investigator since 2002. His expertise spans criminal and civil investigations, with a focus on surveillance and undercover operations. Furthermore, he has provided crucial support to criminal defense efforts, particularly in high-threat criminal cases of a sensitive nature.

Moreover, Mark has a proven track record in handling high-profile cases involving missing persons, wrongful death, murder, fraud, embezzlement, parental kidnapping, child custody, employee theft, corporate due diligence, and has provided comprehensive attorney support for backgrounds, missing persons, witness locates, and pretrial work.


  • Associate degree in criminal justice.
  • Master investigator certification, post state of California DTI Certified.
  • Extensive studies in Criminalistics, Forensics, Intelligence Collection and Analysis, Criminal Psychology, and Human Behavior.
  • Certification in legal investigations.
  • State of CA license private investigator since 2002.
  • Graduated from four accredited executive protection academies.
  • NRA law enforcement tactical firearms instructors certification.
  • HK tactical firearms deployment and high-speed vehicle operations for overseas.
  • Studied various martial art disciplines, holds two black belts.
  • EMT-B certification medical training.