As part of our service to you, Castellum provides a personal and unique four phase Threat Assessment to all our clients:

Phase One – Identification
All potential threats to our client’s physical, financial and mental well being are identified during this phase. When identifying threats, our agents consider all aspects of our clients’ lives. Consideration is given to:

  • Personal and business contacts
  • Recent financial acquisitions
  • Former spouses
  • Level of celebrity
  • Group affiliations
  • Environmental living and working factors


Phase Two – Evaluation
Each potential threat is analyzed, and prioritized according to seriousness.


Phase Three – Intervention
Threat AssessmentWhen it is deemed necessary, our agents will intervene to mitigate or counter a threat to our clients. Intervention can take many forms which include:

  • Liaising with local, state and federal law enforcement
  • Using various methods to transform our clients from soft to hard targets
  • In the most extreme cases, we will facilitate our client’s safe relocation


Phase Four – Continuation
As our clients’ lives evolve, threats and potential threats evolve also. At Castellum, we consider it of vital importance to continually assess and upgrade our client’s security needs, and plan accordingly.

Call us today to speak to one of our highly experienced senior-management staff to put together a strategic and cost-effective plan to secure your home, business, warehouse or event and — most importantly — yourself and your family.

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